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  • I promise you you’ll be  able to get to your dental and vision insurance plans to use this one but it doesn’t it help.
  • with the cavities it  helped was throwing enamel enamel it’s a very big thing for me you guys I mean .
  • if  you guys may or may not know some of these teeth you have had since you were like or  years also just like.
  • tires you have to go in and get new ones so long because they have wear and tear  your kids are the same way .

You don’t get new ones but they do get wear .

  • everything you know it does kind of wear down the enamel so I do look for enamel strengthening.
  • mechanisms inside of my mouthwash and inside of my toothpaste so  this is one that does help .
dental and vision insurance plans
dental and vision insurance plans
  • with the enamel it says it strengthens your teeth that’s always a plus it kills germs of course cleans .
  • the whole mouth and freshens the BRIT so that’s why I like  this one because it’s a total control.

it gives me the total package of everything that I need and I’m mouthwash .

  • I also look for the exact same thing in my toothpaste like I said I love to strengthen and.
  • Emma on my teeth so that  my teeth are so sensitive so I do look for the Sensory .
  • I was using the Kris pearl enamel but I wanted to give this one a shot so lately I’ve been using.
  • the Colgate sensitive maximum strength and like I said just like the mouthwash it  has like the total .
  • control of everything in there so that’s why I look for this one it says for sensitivity enamel tartar plaque .
  • freshens the breath whiten so it does have whitening in this one as well because some sensitive to.