The Best dental insurance plans for individuals


  • Dental health insurance covers dental care such as appointments with a dentist. All dental insurances differ.
  • There are primary insurance or those that include all possible dental care. Of course, the monthly costs of what you choose.

Varies according to coverage.

  • Dental care limit that is involved, such as € 250, – or € 500. Some insurances make you pay 25% of all the treatments yourself. Be sure to report yourself clear about this.
  • You can choose any additional insurance you want or need, and it can even be in a different health insurance company
  • Improving the level of medicine in the Emirate in terms of hospital facilities and clinics, and the presence of medical staff at the highest level.
  • after the spread of insurance cards between everyone and increase the number of patients and hospitals and medical centers.
  • In attracting cardholders, which significantly raised the health level of citizens and residents. With this remarkable success and growth in .
  • The pharmaceutical sector due to the health insurance system, some negative aspects have emerged that need to be evaluated.
  • Contrary to the application of any new system. The observations on the health insurance system in general.
  • As many of its employees and customers confirm, are how to determine the type of insurance cards according to individuals’ access.
  • The types of treatment and the medicines they cover. This has made some patients bear high costs despite their low incomes in comparison.
  • To other patients who do not pay Little thing despite their high incomes. Some medical authorities have found fraud in the.
  • Use of health insurance cards, where some people illegally use other people’s cards, either because they do not have insurance cards or use higher cards in concessions to pay less.